For the summer of 2014, a team of 7 will bike across the United States in collaboration with Teach for America as part of an effort to rethink education. As we go, we will stop in more than ten public schools throughout the country to hold learning festivals. At each school, we will teach hands-on, project-oriented classes based on our passions.

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Our Classes

Our Motivation

We are dedicated to revealing the exploratory, self-directed, and boundless nature of learning to students across the US. Our mission stems from the simple idea that most of the learning we do over the course of our lifetimes happens outside of a classroom as the result of semi-random explorations into topics that genuinely interest us.

We want to show this to high school students and give them an opportunity to feel inspired and find something they love.

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We biked from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Meet Our Team

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We are 7 college students from Harvard MIT and Columbia who are passionate about education.

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